The Music of ADELE

Watch A Preview

ADELE’s music spans all ages and Colleen Raye brings the heart and soul of it to this 

show.  Colleen Raye has performed worldwide, recorded several albums and writes and 
produces her own music and concerts. 

When seeing Adele perform for the very first time on Saturday Night Live in 2008, 
Colleen knew she was witnessing something unique and very special. Adele’s emotion 
came through the TV set and Colleen has never forgotten that moment and been a fan 
ever since.  Since then, Adele has been dubbed The Biggest Pop Star On The Planet. 

Adele and Colleen grew up in different eras, but both listened to Roberta Flack, Dusty 
Springfield as key influences while they were developing their singing styles.  Music is 

Colleen is not trying to imitate Adele. She brings the songs of Adele, expressed with 
her own warm tones, heartfelt interpretations, and natural charismatic stage presence to 

Backed by 6 fabulous musicians and singers under the Musical Direction of keyboardist 
Jordan Hedlund, the full sound of Adele’s production will be recreated.